Exciting Ecuador: A Quick Guide

One of my favourite things about adventure travel is getting to explore different parts of the world in a very different way. Through the ‘quick guide’ series I’m going to talk about some of the lesser travelled places I’ve been to and highlight how to get there, what to do and what to eat! Ecuador?Ecuador …

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How to Get to Antarctica

While we’re stuck at home dreaming of post pandemic travel to new frontiers – what better journey to dream about than a voyage to the end of earth – Antarctica! Interestingly enough with strict protocols in place about who can and cannot visit, Antarctica remains the only continent in the world with zero Covid cases. …

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Choosing a Sleeping Bag

The most important thing to consider while choosing a sleeping bag is the purpose. Why are you buying this sleeping bag? The type of bag you buy to go on a two day trek in the summer is going to be very different than one you use for say a mountaineering expedition climbing a 6,000 …

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