Deeya Suzannah Bajaj

Deeya has made adventure a mission in her life – achieving feats that dreams are made of. A modern-day explorer and adventurer, she is a living example of how to not just survive but enjoy challenges and pressures. Having travelled the most tough terrains of the world, she talks about about how to think, take decisions, lead and be a team player in times of adversity.

Deeya is the youngest in the world to have skied across the Greenland icecap. She and her father, Ajeet Bajaj (Padma Shri), were the first father-daughter team in India to climb Mt. Everest. A 2016 graduate from Cornell University (Ithaca, United States of America), Deeya is a proficient kayaker, skiier, scuba diver and mountaineer.

When she’s not in the outdoors she works with Snow Leopard Adventures, her family owned business, where she is the Director of Business Development and Operations