Magnificent Mongolia: A Quick Guide

One of my favourite things about adventure travel is getting to explore different parts of the world in a very different way. Through the ‘quick guide’ series I’m going to talk about some of the lesser travelled places I’ve been to and highlight how to get there, what to do and what to eat!

Where is Mongolia?
Mongolia is a landlocked country sandwiched between Russia and China. About 30% of the population is nomadic. A traditional saying in Mongolia is “a Mongol without a horse is like a bird without wings.” In fact, the horse population in the country is larger than the human population! 

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How To Get There
Fly to Hong Kong and get a connecting flight to the Buyant-Ukhaa International Airport, Ulaanbaatar. 

What To Do

  • Explore the capital city of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar: Ensure you stop by Genghis Khan Statue Complex, the National History Museum, and the Gantangdegchenling Monastery. 
  • Spend a night in a yurt: Many Mongolians still live in gers (also known as yurts), a visit to Mongolia must include a night in a Yurt! Many eco-resorts are offering the option to stay in a Ger. 
  • Horseback Riding: As horses are such a vital part of the Mongolian way of life, I highly recommend at least one horseback riding trip! 
  • Ride a Camel in the Gobi Desert: Spend time wandering the beautiful sand dunes of the third largest desert in the world. With plenty of wildlife, rock formations and colourful cliffs, you will have an incredible experience travelling through the dunes in the most traditional way – camelback. 
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Must-Try Foods

  • Khuushuur: A deep-fried pastry filled with ground mutton and onions.  
  • Bantan: A traditional Mongolian clear broth with meat, dough crumbs and chopped spring onions. 
  • Buuz: A Mongolian steamed dumpling filled with seasoned meat. 
  • Mongolian Barbecue: Popular world over, this dish which involves cooking food on a giant iron circular grill was surprisingly invented in Taiwan, not Mongolia. However, if you are craving Mongolian Barbecue in Mongolia, we recommend a visit to BD’s Grill, in Ulaanbaatar.
Photo by Nick Bondarev on

Mongolia is a beautiful country with lots more incredible things to do and eat! This is meant to be a quick guide so I haven’t gone into as much detail as the country deserves. Comment if you’ve been to Mongolia or have any recommendations about more things to do/ eat!

Originally written by Deeya Bajaj for Onmanorama

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